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Sell your brand at Togged

Perhaps you’re designing a brand of your own that you think would fit like a glove in our selection? Send us an e-mail to and tell us a little more…! But before you do so, please take the time to glance through these 5 steps of information that we would like for you to keep in mind when scribbling down that e-mail:

• We need to know if you’re a new brand or if you’re established on the market already. Both types can be of interest, but some kind of list of retailers is preferable. Both on and off the Internet, please!

• If your brand has been mentioned in relevant fashion magazines or, on blog spots or fashion forums, we’d like some jpg:s or screen dumps to see how and where your brand has been reviewed.

• A functional production and a little stock to get more gold from when the sales hit the roof is pretty much a must. To leave us with only one small and one large in each product won’t do any good to neither one of us and will also complicate taking product images on models of the brand. Please inform us about your current stock situation!

• If you run an accessory brand, then perhaps you already have images that works as product images for the web shop? This is also good to know, since that could speed up the whole process of adding a new brand to the selection.

• Last but not least, we need some time to see what our customers think of your brand. Even though you and we will love your brand, the “mob” out there has the final saying in the matter. Therefore, you should be prepared to sell on commission, at least the two first seasons.

With the information above included, send us an e-mail with all the juicy details and the background story! We’re looking forward to see more of your brand!

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